Nanyang Jingliang Photoelectric Co., Ltd. established in 2018 , is a professional engaged in the produce and sale of optical lenses ,optical prisms and magnifiers.
The range of the lenses and prisms we produce is from blanks to finished products. The processing procedures include rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, core picking, coating until final inspection. Main product are optical spherical lens , cylindrical lens, reflector lens, concave-convex lens, convex lens, splitter prism, achromatic prism, equilateral prism internal/external reflection prism, windows and filters etc. Also provides various optical coatings, such as anti-reflection film, reflective film and so on.
Optical Lens
Optical Prism
Optical Filter
Minimum order of 10 samples, small orders also enjoy the treatment of large factories, quality after sale is guaranteed.
At present, the number of the company is 150+, including 40+ sales staff. If you have urgent order, please contact us as soon as possible. There is no problem for shipment in 5-7 days.
There are thousands of products in stock. Please contact me to get the product catalog and help you choose the products with low price and good quality.
The company is equipped with inspection personnel 10+, the quality is not satisfied, you can contact us at any time for your replenishment.